#034 – Masturbation & Friend Zone

This is masturbation month, so we talk a bit about self pleasure, then on to talk with Dan Finke about his article on The Friend Zone.

#031 – Phoebe & Joey

Lots of laughs in this one if you like anal sex, swinging, pegging and much more. Its another ExMormon couple talking about their journey away from crazy magic underwear, going on mission and sex while listening to the BYU channel!

#030 – Fetishes & Francis’ Story

I discuss where we get our strong sexual preferences and why it is important to respect them in our quest to understand ourselves better. We also listen to the story of Francis, a woman with a strong preference that was suppressed by her Catholic upbringing.

#026 – Listener Stories

Samantha tells of her sexual awakening from religion and Mike describes how his daughter challenged him to examine old religious beliefs about sexuality. Both describe the joy they feel now that they have shed religious shame and guilt.

#021 – Transgender discussion w/ Sandra

Sandra Meade is the host on one of the longest running LGBT shows in the US. She is also an activist for Transgender issues and rights. We discuss a broad range of topics.

#020 – Holly Interview

Do you find yourself getting too quickly involved with someone then feeling trapped later on? Holly describes her dating patterns and they will sound very familiar to many people.

#019 – So You Are Getting Married!

Where I discuss 5 questions you should consider if you are a secular person getting married. What are the dangers, pitfalls and hazards in marrying, especially someone who is religious or spiritual? You will get my full rant on having children with a person who has ANY supernatural beliefs.