#023 – Two Listener Stories

From abuse to liberation, these two women grew up in deeply religious cultures and families but found the pathway to freedom and discovery of their sexuality without Jesus.

#022 – Growing Up Gay and Baptist

This is one of the most emotional episodes you will hear on this podcast; funny, but also tragic. We talk with a 58 yr. old, gay former Baptist who discusses everything from homosexual behavior in his Baptist Seminary dorm, to living in a Baptist trailer park, wrestling as a sexual activity and most devastating, dealing with the plague of HIV.

#017 Listener Questions

Is it normal for desires to change? What if my partner doesn’t want to participate, do I just deny myself? What makes me attracted to large men? Does masturbation kill relationships?

#014 – ExBaptist & Sexual Programming

An interview w/ Marci who tells about her marriage as well as Baptist upbringing with an abusive father.

#007 – A Personal Interview on Sex

The Madonna-Whore Syndrome, and a Guilt-Pleasure cycle with masturbation.

#003 – Jealousy Deconstructed Pt. 1

Dr. Darrel Ray, author of Sex & God, deconstructs jealousy with a magnifying glass by breaking it down into its component parts.