#084 – Sexy Ideas & Jonathan’s story

This episode I ask the question, “What is the it?” Exploring deep structure beliefs that influence our behavior and undermine our happiness. Also, we listen to a story submitted by Jonathan about his exodus from religion and sexual awakening.

#079 Kory-BDSM Submissive

Kory discusses her life as a submissive in the BDSM world. She shares her desire for pleasure through pain and the way she discovered the path to subspace and eroticism through play. We hear about clubs, orgies and electrical play.

#078 – Josh BDSM & Poly

This week I talk with Josh who has been a Dom in the BDSM world for some time. We explore in some detail the various emotions, attitudes and even how he has done scenes. He and his wife are also poly, so we explore that a bit as well.

##076 – Callie Wright – Transgender discussion

Demystifying transgender sexuality. Callie answers a lot of questions and gives us insight. What is your secondary sexual preference? Do you know what that is? Check your expectations and assumptions! This is an interesting conversation.

#072 – Poly Activist & Paradigm Shift

Joreth, a polyamory activist talks with me this week and shares ideas and resources everyone can use. I also talk about sexual paradigm shifts from religious sex to secular sex. Here are some of her resources: