#063 On Abortion Coree & Monique

Two courageous women talk about their abortions. The religious right has learned how to use shame and guilt against women, lets talk out loud about this. Women have a right to bodily autonomy.

One thought on “#063 On Abortion Coree & Monique”

  1. Hi Darrel! The thoughts on women as the majority of consituients in churches is not true of the Old Order Amish & Mennonites. Since they generally retain most of their members, it’s a pretty even figure. But of course women are an intricate part of the system and are certainly indoctrinated from childhood up to fill their place as a submissive woman to the men, be it their father, husband or minister. Also, abortion is considered by all of them to be murder. To my knowledge, medical abortion is unheard of unless a mother’s life is in danger, but I know of one mother who died in childbirth and believed it was god’s will to take her from this life in this way. That really contradicts the apostle Paul’s promise that submissive women shall be saved in childbirth! ( found in I Timothy 2:15).

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