#056 – Bill Zingrone- College Textbooks

Professor and all round interesting guy, Bill Zingrone talks about the good science that is now taught in college Psychology on sexuality – both intro and advanced courses. We also discuss religious teachings as child abuse, and much more.

2 thoughts on “#056 – Bill Zingrone- College Textbooks”

  1. I’m kind of a new listener, and I have a request: can you do away with the startlingly-loud CRASH explosion sound effect, like at 5:10? I listen in my car, and for one thing it’s so abrupt (and LOUD!) that it’s jarring while I’m trying to drive–it comes from out of the blue (Darrel is talking in that soothing voice of his, and suddenly BOOOM!). Also, there are some of us for whom sudden, unannounced, super-loud explosions aren’t comfortable. It’s not a good sound effect for a segment segue anyway, and it arouses some immediate physiological angst in certain listeners, such as myself.

    1. Matt: Your wish is granted. I can say that I thought it was a bit abrupt myself, but that is what I inherited from our original producer and just kept doing it. It will be in this week’s episode #57, then I won’t use it any more.

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