#054 – Two WebCam Workers

Mia and Jane talk to us about their work as “Cam girls”. What they hear and see and how they interact with clients. Why clients want to talk with them and what they have learned and gained personally. These two women have amazing insights.

5 thoughts on “#054 – Two WebCam Workers”

    1. If you listened to this episode or the one with Angela White, you will clearly hear that they enjoy what they are doing and have made a rational choice to do it. Both consider themselves feminists. I guess you don’t have to watch porn if you don’t want to. No matter what Chris Hedges says, or the woman he is interviewing, they don’t speak for all women and have no authority to limit other women or men’s choices. Remember, men perform in porn as well. What is your opinion of gay porn or lesbian porn?

      1. Did you watch the video? It is their opinion and her experience.
        Men do perform in porn and are prostitutes. I have watched lots of porn in my day, no more. Porn is loveless fantasy. My view on sex is it is awesome in a loving relationship. Masturbation is great. Gay rights yes. Prostitution increases with poverty. Where do you go for sex tours? Poor countries like Thailand. Interesting podcast.


  1. Just to add to my previous post I am an atheist and was not raised religious.


  2. Hi Darrel,

    The other thing that caught my attention at the beginning of the podcast is she said it was an easy way to make money with the least amount of effort. Does it matter how we pay the bills?
    In a sense I have adopted the Buddhist philosophy of stripping away our illusions and seeing things for what they are. Like I said porn is prostitution taking money for sex.
    Not what I would hope my daughter would aspire to.


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