3 thoughts on “#050 – Jenica Crail”

  1. I’m listening to this right now.
    I too had my Barbies have sex with each other at 9. They were all naked and kissing (because that’s what I thought sex was a that age) with each other *and* with Ken. Poor Ken had to be heterosexual, he didn’t have another boy doll to play with.
    I’m loving the podcast.

    1. Thanks Beth, Jenica will be glad to know she is not the only one. Glad you are enjoying the podcast.

  2. Yeah, I did the Barbie thing, too, starting maybe around 7 with my friend who was a year older. Actually, I don’t remember ever playing with Barbies without it eventually turning sexual. We would drag out them meeting and going on a date before the inevitable sex, so the sexual tension could build. My friend would quickly escalate it to them getting married and having kids, but I wasn’t so interested in that part. I just realized that it’s pretty interesting how the idea they would have sex before marriage was something we didn’t even give a second thought. Obviously, neither of our families viewed sex as shameful.

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