#043 – Sex Education for all Ages

Dr. Melanie Davis talks about Our Whole Lives, age appropriate sex education. It is the antidote to Abstinence Only for progressive parents and adults.

2 thoughts on “#043 – Sex Education for all Ages”

  1. You spoke briefly about pornography and the fact that it portrays sex in a very unrealistic way. I wondered if you were aware of the campaign to have sexually explicit videos that were done by amateurs specifically so it would be a more realistic portrayal of sexual relations. You can find the site at makelovenotporn.tv

    1. Joe: To answer your question, I am very familiar with Cindy Gallop’s efforts to make porn realistic. I love her idea and support it fully. At the same time, I think we need to recognize that there is a place for commercially made porn, and that it does not portray things any more unrealistically than virtually all Hollywood movies. People enjoy Rambo, or The Terminator, or almost any romantic comedy or violence based movie and no one complains that they are unrealistic. 50 Shades of Grey was very “unrealistic” in many ways, yet millions of (mostly) women bought the book or saw the movie.

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