#020 – Holly Interview

Do you find yourself getting too quickly involved with someone then feeling trapped later on? Holly describes her dating patterns and they will sound very familiar to many people.

#019 – So You Are Getting Married!

Where I discuss 5 questions you should consider if you are a secular person getting married. What are the dangers, pitfalls and hazards in marrying, especially someone who is religious or spiritual? You will get my full rant on having children with a person who has ANY supernatural beliefs.

#018 – Lucy & Brad: The Ex-Mormons

Where we discuss everything from leaving Mormonism & magic underwear, to watching porn together and the advantages of vibrators.

#017 Listener Questions

Is it normal for desires to change? What if my partner doesn’t want to participate, do I just deny myself? What makes me attracted to large men? Does masturbation kill relationships?